‘APRIL FOOL’ was among the top ten (# 9) grossing films at the Indian Box Office in 1964

by Venkata Raman G 9 hrs · Hyderabad Cinema of the Week: APRIL FOOL (1964) “APRIL FOOL” (1964) is Produced and Directed by Subodh Mukherji who earlier Directed “Love Marriage” (1959) & “Junglee” (1961) with SJ as Music Directors. The movie has Biswajeet, Saira Bano, Jayant, Sajjan, Nazima, Rajen Haksar, Sulochana, I. S. Johar, Chand Usmani etc. in it. Subodh Mukherji was a devotee of the school of movie-making that believed that films were all about great storytelling. In the first two decades of his career from the Mid 1950s he had a high success percentage, but like so many … Continue reading ‘APRIL FOOL’ was among the top ten (# 9) grossing films at the Indian Box Office in 1964

APNE HUYE PARAYE: 1964 a different approach to review

 by Dharma Kirthi APNE HUYE PARAYE: 1964 Produced and Directed by: Ajit Chakravarti This movie was made to encash the popularity of Manoj Kumar-Mala Sinha and Shashikala combo of Hariyali aur Raasta..and with the same music composer..SJ. Filmmaker Ajit Chakravarti, tried every bit to recreate the magic of Hariyali aur Raasta..but failed miserably. The story is very flimsy, and the plot wafer thin, and screenplay very superficial. Here is synposis of the movie….. Rekha (Mala Sinha) lives a middle-class lifestyle with her widowed mom. When she is five, her mom’s friend, Nalini, passes away, compelling 5 year old Lata (Shashi … Continue reading APNE HUYE PARAYE: 1964 a different approach to review

Revisiting APNE HUEY PARAYE (1964)

   Venkata Raman G 13 hrs · Hyderabad Cinema of the Week: APNE HUEY PARAYE (1964) “APNE HUYE PARAYE”(1964) is Produced and Directed by Ajit Chakraborty for Mars and Movies. The Movie has Mala Sinha, Manoj Kumar, Shashikala, Aagha, Lalita Pawar, Ifthekhar, Dulari, Sundar, Chand Burque, etc in it. Childhood sweethearts get separated as one family moves out of town. After growing up, they meet again, fall in love, marriage is almost within planning distance, when fate changes everything and the man is forced to marry a friend of his beloved. The lady is left alone, with financial problems. She … Continue reading Revisiting APNE HUEY PARAYE (1964)

When a womanizer is rejected by his own wife on the ground of morality…..

Venkata Raman G Hyderabad Cinema of the Week: HAMRAAHI (1963) “HAMRAAHI” is a Prasad Production movie. It is directed by T Prakash Rao, who also directed ‘College Girl’(1960), ‘Sasural’ (1961), ‘Suraj (1966), ‘Duniya’ (1968) & ‘Rivaaj’(1972) all with SJ. The Movie has Rajendra Kumar, Jamuna, Shashikala, Lalita Pawar, Mehmood, Shobha Khote, Nazir Hussain, Aagha, Rajendranath, O. P. Ralhan, Dhumal, Indira Billi etc. in it. It is a Remake of a National Award Winning Telugu Movie “Bharyya Bhartalu” (1960) Directed by K P Atma & Produced by L V Prasad, starring Akkineni Nageshwar Rao, Krishna Kumari & Girija. When a womanizer … Continue reading When a womanizer is rejected by his own wife on the ground of morality…..

Another look at Dil Ek Mandir(1963)

DIL EK MANDIR: 1963 PRODUCER AND DIRECTOR: SRIDHAR By : Dharma Kirthi   My father’s transfer from Ambarnath brought us to Pune in 1976. It is here, that I saw this movie in Rahul cinema, in Shivaji Nagar with my Mother. Amma, is a huge SJ fan and loved these family entertainers. So here we were, watching a huge musical hit. Musical it is . A symphony is one where, a composition begins on normally low notes, and then gradually move up the octaves and ends in very high notes, almost reaching a crescendo..a point beyond which, there is nothing left … Continue reading Another look at Dil Ek Mandir(1963)

Revisiting “DIL EK MANDIR”(1963)

Cinema of the Week: DIL EK MANDIR (1963) By : Venkata Raman G     “DIL EK MANDIR”(1963) is a Chitralaya Production presentation. It is directed by C V Sridhar and the star cast includes Raaj kumar, Rajendra kumar, Meena Kumari, Baby Padmini, Naagesh, Krishna Kumari, Achala Sachdev, Shubha Khote, Mehmood, Manmohan Krishna, Randhir, Sundar, Ram Mohan, Keshav Rana etc. This Is a remake of the original Tamil film “Nenjil Oar Aalayam” a classic in the realms of tamil film history by Sridhar. The movie was later remade in Telugu as Manase Mandiram (1966) starring Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, Savithri & Kongara … Continue reading Revisiting “DIL EK MANDIR”(1963)

Revisiting TEESRI KASAM: 1966

By : Dharma Kirthi   TEESRI KASAM: 1966 PRODUCED BY : SHAILENDRA STORY &DIALOGUES: PHANEESHWARNATH RENU DIRECTION: BASU BATTACHARYA Saw this movie in Ambarnath, Vandana theatre, in 1976, in its reruns. I was just taken by surprise, by the minute detailing, the filmmaker has gone into. No stone left unturned, to keep its soul, the rural authenticity alive and vibrant. To me this commitment to retain the authentic rural aroma, which is found in Renu’s novel, is the essence of the movie. This movie is a classic Broadway musical stuff. Had it been made by a big production house from Hollywood, … Continue reading Revisiting TEESRI KASAM: 1966

RUNGOLI (1962) – A fresh look

Venkata Raman G Yesterday at 7:26am · Hyderabad Cinema of the Week: RUNGOLI (1962) “RUNGOLI” (1962) is a R S B Films Production. It is written by Rajinder Singh Bedi and Produced by him and Amar Kumar who Directed it. The movie has Kishore Kumar, Vyjyantimala, Nazir Hussain, Jagdev, Sadhana Roychaudhary, Jeevan, Ulhas, Krishen Kumar,Sulochana, Durga Khote, Iftekhar, Dhumal etc in it. In the late 50s & 60s when the pairing of Kishore Kumar and Vyjayantimala had become very popular, “Rungoli” became a Super hit, not because of this Lead Pair, Plot or anything else, but only because its MUSIC … Continue reading RUNGOLI (1962) – A fresh look

Cinema of the Week: YAHUDI (1958) : Persecution of Jews in ancient Rome

Venkata Raman G 15 hrs Cinema of the Week: YAHUDI (1958) Persecution of Jews in ancient Rome: When the Romans conquered the land of the Jews, they immediately recognized that there was a problem because the Jews refused to pay homage to Roman Gods. Rome gave in and exempted Jews from this requirement. Rome did this in part because the Jews had helped Roman General Julius Caesar win an important battle several years earlier. Soon Rome recognized Judaism as a legal religion, allowing Jews to worship freely. But Rome viewed the Jews with suspicion and persecuted them on several occasions … Continue reading Cinema of the Week: YAHUDI (1958) : Persecution of Jews in ancient Rome