RUNGOLI (1962) – A fresh look

Cinema of the Week: RUNGOLI (1962)

“RUNGOLI” (1962) is a R S B Films Production. It is written by Rajinder Singh Bedi and Produced by him and Amar Kumar who Directed it. The movie has Kishore Kumar, Vyjyantimala, Nazir Hussain, Jagdev, Sadhana Roychaudhary, Jeevan, Ulhas, Krishen Kumar,Sulochana, Durga Khote, Iftekhar, Dhumal etc in it.

In the late 50s & 60s when the pairing of Kishore Kumar and Vyjayantimala had become very popular, “Rungoli” became a Super hit, not because of this Lead Pair, Plot or anything else, but only because its MUSIC was so good that all other faults of the film were forgotten.

The Movie:
Sevak Ram (Nazir Hussain) is a Bank Manager (UCO Bank) in Bombay. He plans for building his own home, for his son’s education, daughter’s wedding, his own retirement and translation of Bhagwad Geeta into English. Along with his wife Shubhangi (Durga Khote), son Lattu(Jagdev) and daughter Nirmala (Vijayntimala) he leads a happy family life. He starts the construction of his house and entrusts the job to his elder brother, Sadhu Ram (Jeevan) who is a partner of Dass (Dhumal) in a construction company. Nirmala is in love with Kishore (Kishore kumar) who is the son of a Deputy Collector (Ulhaas). Kishore runs a business of supplying building materials, i.e. sand and cement etc. Lattu is in love with Rani (Sadhana Roychaudhary). When the house is partly built, Sevak Ram goes to inspect it. Due to poor material and poor construction, a mishap occurs. A balcony falls down and Sevak Ram is seriously injured. With their father in hospital, both Lattu and Nirmala become determined to fulfill their father’s dreams. Kishore also helps them. Sadhu Ram and Dass accuse Kishore of supplying poor material and have him put behind bars. Nirmala breaks her engagement with Kishore, and is ready to marry Mohabbat Rai (Krishen Kumar), her new employer. But Lattu, and Rani convince Nirmala and they plan to uncover the truth behind the mishap at the building site. Rest of the film shows, how this team of youngsters performs when responsibility comes on their shoulders. They not only get Kishore released from jail, but also put the real culprits Sadhu Ram and Dass behind bars. The end is as expected – all is well that ends well. Nirmala and Kishore, Lattu and Rani as well as Sevak Ram are happy to get what they wanted and the audience is happy to get good Music.

The Music:
The Movie has a bevy of 9 most wonderful songs as under:
1. Chhoti si ye duniya (multiple version) – Shailendra- Kishore Kumar & Lata Mangeshkar.
As far as sad songs are concerned, Kishore Kumar has been no less outstanding. In this song, he sounds disappointed, but not bitter or angry with the lady. Ability to express such complex feelings with such ease is what made Kishore Kumar such a wonderful singer of all kinds of songs.

2. Ciao ciao bambiyaana ishq hai marz puraana – Hasrat Jaipuri –Manna Dey & Chorus
This is extremely a rare song from the Movie. The song is lip synced by Dhumal. It must be one of the very few occasions where Dhumal gets to lip sync a full song. The actor who gets addressed in this song is Jagdev.

3. Ek nazar kisi ne dekhaa aur dil huaa deewaanaa – Shailendra – Kishore Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar
This is a very vibrant and very hummable song and that is something you can actually say for most SJ-Kishore Kumar songs. A sheer delight to listen to.

4. Ham bechaare pyaar ke maare – Hasrat Jaipuri- Kishore Kumar
This is a fun song from the film delightfully sung and performed by the one and only Kishore Da. The best person to perform Kishore Da’s songs on screen, is Kishore Da himself. This dictum is demonstrated once again in this song. The unique style of singing, the usual fast paced antics, the perfect timing between the singing and the actions on screen, are fully accomplished as only Kishore Da himself can.

5. Ham tum ye khoyi khoyi raahen – Shailendra- Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar
This song is picturized on Jagdev and Sadhna Roychoudhary, the supporting pair in the movie.

6. Jaao jaao Nand ke lala –Shailendra- Lata Mangeshkar
7. Saagar pe aaj maujon ka raaj – Shailendra – Lata mangeshkar.
Considering that Vyjyanti Mala is the heroine of this movie, one can expect some nice dance songs in this movie picturised on her. These 2 Dance songs are not ordinary songs. Lata has sung this semi classical song ‘Jaaao jaao nand ke lala” based on Raag Baageshwari superbly and the dance of Vyjyanti Mala is just as breathtaking. Her poise and the level of art she has reached is amazing and the mix of beauty with the voice of Lataji with such beautiful music, one feels in heaven to see and hear such artistic performance.

8. Rungoli sajaao – Hasrat Jaipuri – Kishore Kumar
This particular song which is the Trade Mark title song of SJ in the movie is quite a melody song to listen to and it is an appropriate song considering that “Rungoli” finds much application in Hindu households daily.

“Chhoti Si Yeh Duniya, Pehchaane Raaste Hain. Kahin To Miloge, toh Poochhenge Haal “
1. In those days Composers would recommend Lyricists to Producers, ShankarJaikishan once promised Shailendra that they would recommend him around, but didn’t keep their promise. Shailendra sent them a note with the lines, “Chhoti Si Yeh Duniya, Pehchaane Raaste Hain. Kahin To Miloge, toh Poochhenge Haal”. ShankarJaikishan realised what the message meant and having said sorry, turned the lines into a popular song. The song was featured in the film Rungoli (1962), for which the producer Rajendra Singh Bedi wanted to sign up Majrooh Sultanpuri as the lyricist. However, ShankarJaikishen insisted on Shailendra & Hasrat Jaipuri and the producer had to oblige

Both Shailendra & Hasrat Jaipuri worked with many other Music Directors simultaneously with SJ from the early 1950s and it is illogical to think that they had to be recommended to other Music Directors and even if so, it is illogical to think that the lines were written sometime in 1949 and used 13 years later in a 1962 movie.

2. ShankarJaikishan worked with Rajinder Kishan in College Girl (1960). Shailendra got upset about it and so Shailendra wrote these lines in response. SJ never worked with any other lyricists after that until Shailendra’s sudden demise in 1966.

SJ used Rajendra Kishan out of blue in “College Girl” (1960) and miffed by it Shailendra wrote these lines and realising their mistake SJ not only tuned these lines into this song immediately in 1962 but also went back to Shailendra & Hasrat Jaipuri in all their Movies after College Girl (1960) till 1966 and 1980 respectively.

Here is the Youtube Link to the song ‘Jaaao jaao nand ke lala” –

Venkata Raman G's photo.
Venkata Raman G's photo.
Venkata Raman G's photo.
Venkata Raman G's photo.

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