APNE HUYE PARAYE: 1964 a different approach to review


Produced and Directed by: Ajit Chakravarti

This movie was made to encash the popularity of Manoj Kumar-Mala Sinha and Shashikala combo of Hariyali aur Raasta..and with the same music composer..SJ. Filmmaker Ajit Chakravarti, tried every bit to recreate the magic of Hariyali aur Raasta..but failed miserably. The story is very flimsy, and the plot wafer thin, and screenplay very superficial.

Here is synposis of the movie…..
Rekha (Mala Sinha) lives a middle-class lifestyle with her widowed mom. When she is five, her mom’s friend, Nalini, passes away, compelling 5 year old Lata (Shashi Kala) and her maid, Rampyari, to move in with them. Rekha is friendly with Shankar ( Manoj Kumar) , and is sad when his family re-locates to Kanpur. Years later Rekha has matured, Shankar has returned as a qualified doctor, and asks her mom for Rekha’s hand in marriage, to which she agrees. Before the engagement could take place, Rampyari creates a situation; that Shankar is having an affair with Lata, compelling both of them to get married, leaving Rekha heart-broken. After the marriage, Lata moves out to live with Shankar, and Rekha’s mom passes, leaving her a heavily mortgaged house and many debts. Rekha’s re-pays the debts and moves out to live her family servant, Fohkat,( Agha) his son, Makhan,( Sundar) and Makhan’s wife, Misri. Rekha finds employment and falls seriously ill. Shankar comes to treat her and asks her to come and live with them. When Rekha refuses, Lata comes over and makes her change her mind, and as a result both Fohkat and Rekha move in Shankar’s house – not realizing that their entry will result in a murder in the household – which will not only turn everyone’s lives upside down but also throw open their individual lives to a public scandal

Except SJ’s music there is nothing in the movie, to talk about. And these songs too have not been picturised with any artistic input. So the result is some very shoddy movie where the songs , also were wasted by the director. In all a highly avoidable movie even for SJ fans…

So Let us only discuss the songs..seriatim..
1. Apne hue paraye title song
This title song is written by the matchless Shailendra, and what lines and composition..in a classic SJ style of fast paced sad number, in the same caliber of a few numbers in HAR..This stands out as one very good title song which was lost in a a very mediocre movie..

2. Bahar banke wo muskuraye hamare gulshan mein
This energetic romantic song again written by Shailendra is full of SJ magic..with some exceptional rhythm and orchestra..I love the song for all the right reasons… baad saba tu na aaye to kya..kaali Ghata tu na chaaye to kya…SJ composed some classics in the is genre of songs by Heroin with her girl friends celebrating her first love…Like one in Choti Behan and Mere Huzoor…

3. Dupatte ki girha me band lijiye mera dil hai
This is lovely playful romantic number written by Hasrat in a genre which is his forte..and he does it effortlessly…A very good song but seldom heard…

4. Gagan ke chanda na pooch humse
This is a duet with Subir Sen and Lata , again a Shailendra number, and the song is picturised as a ballet for stage play..Lovely song with great energy and rhythm , though Manoj Kumar does not fit the bill for such numbers..but Shashikala is a powerhouse of talent and adds all her sensuality to the song..

5. Haaye mujhe loot liye saiyan tere pyar ne..
This is a dance number picturised on Padma Khanna, in a party written by Hasrat . The song is wasted in very poor screen play..Though it has everything to be a hit number..

6 . Koi bulaye aur koi aaye ab dil chaahe kya
This is my most favourite number..rendered by Mukesh the way only he can….This is inspired from a English number..but so beautifully adapted to create a great soulful romantic number..Written by Shailendra is a sheer magic..

My song for the day is this beauty by Lata..!!

Maine bulaya aur tum aaye ab dil chaahe kya..
This is a gem..by Lata again another version of the same English song , but look at the variation SJ create in the same tune..using mandolin..and Saxophone.. and some very soft almost unheard of rhythm which to me is SJ’s signature style , of embellishing the song as if they are dressing up a very beautiful precious doll as a bride…Written by Shailendra it has emerged as a real rare gem…


Meine Bulaya Aur Tum Aaye – Manoj Kumar – Apne Huye Paraye. Check out this romantic track from the movie Apne Huye Paraye Starring : Mala Sinha,…

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