Cinema of the week Basant Bahar by Kailash Mundra

Basant Bahar : I saw this film on Door Darshan TV (during the Emergency time) & later again saw in theatre . Wow what a great musical film it is … all songs based on classical raagas ! This film proved that Shankar Jaikishan were really gifted versatile musicians, who could cater to any requirement of the story(be it even medieval based classical films) . Each song was carefully prepared, polished and chiselled in their recording room and the results were outstanding … Just note “ketki gulab juhi ” was on raag Basant , “ja ja re ja balamva” was on raag jhinjhoti, “bhaye bhanjana” was on raag miya malhar, ” sur na saje kya gaon main” was on raag Pilu, “duniya na bhaye mohe” was on rag miya ki todi and so on …. each a gem in a necklace called Basant Bahar ! The film is based on a famous Kannada story “Hans Geet ” written by the novelist & scholar Ta-Ra-Su ( Taluku Ramaswami Subbarao) and the film was Produced by Bharat Bhushan’s brother R Chandra . The film was basically about a son Gopal (Bharat Bhushan) of a royal astrologist (Raj jyotish Om Prakash) who is inclined to music, but is a thorn for the Acharya’s son Mallaiyya (Parshuram) . Mallaiyya poisons Gopal’s voice and Gopi (Nimmi) who motivates & helps in bringing back his voice & helps him to be a big singer is the basis of the story ! Actor Chandrashekhar as the king and Kumkum (Radhika) played important roles. Would just like to point out that, actor Parshuram died (in 1978) in utter poverty in Mumbai !! Another significant point is, the flute recital by Pannalal Ghoshji (specially in the song Main piya teri ) & Pt Bhimsen Joshiji’s vocal’s in the song “Ketki Gulab juhi” are masterpieces ! Though SJ’s music played a important role, it was a big challenge too, for Shailendraji & Hasratsaab to created such divine evergreen songs and pass with flying colours ! Just listen to this Shailendraji’s song “kar gaya re” sung melodiously by the Mangeshkar sisters, the prelude music is awesome, so is the sarcasm in this “chor ko samjhi main sadhu” or ” tum jo kaho toh main naam bata doon, patthar ki moorat ke darshan kara doon, jiske kadmon pe sar gaya …. ” Enjoy


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