Cinema of the Week-SEEMA (1955) by Kailash Mundra

Seema is the first film where I started to understand what films were… before Seema, I had seen many films, but did not understand much, rather the moving scenes & songs captivated me & I hardly cried in the theatres smile emoticon . I remember seeing Seema with my parents in 1955 , in the luxurious Hindvijay talkies of the posh Deccan Gymkhana area in Pune ! Still remember the cycle chase by Shubha Khote . FYI,in the 50’s we had many 78 rpm brittle slate records of Awaara, Shri 420, Daag, Chori Chori, Seema, Kathputli amongst other SJ films … These records were regularly played on gramophone by my parents & elder brothers, and this music instilled in me hypnotically, my love & passion for SJ music . Later in the mid 60’s again saw Seema & admired the acting of Nutan & Balraj Sahni plus Shubha Khote and (bad man) C S Dubey, who made a debut as an actor thru’ this film ( he was also the Production manager & Asst Director of Seema) ! Another enthralling factor of Seema was the fabulous music by SJ … Tu pyar ka sagar, Kahan jaa raha hain, Suno chhoti si gudiya ki , baat baat mein … but two rare songs touched my heart , one was Rafisaab’s Humein bhi de do sahara, where I loved Nutan’s expressions when see sees a coin, and hides it beneath her feet, but later repents it (fabulous direction in this too), and the other is “Manmohana bade ” where we feel, as if Nutan herself is singing it ! Please see paper cutting attachment, where this song “Manmohana ” is being rehearst ,with Lataji singing, Pt Ramnarayan playing sarangi, Shailendraji and Shankerji (playing sitar) attentively listening ….

Kailash Mundra's photo.

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